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We started this business with a clear vision and purpose.

Our mission statement says it all:

Build a business that will provide developers, engineers, architects, and homeowners with superior land surveying services unequaled in our area.

Client Satisfaction

Create an atmosphere of cooperation between staff and clients to provide technically strong services, and follow through on all customer requests.

Foster Understanding

To create community interest in engineering and architectural related fields and help potential clients understand the need for our services.

Self Betterment

To better ourselves through continuing education, interaction with clients, and observation of technology trends in our field.

Staff Support

Provide for our staff's career and personal growth, while building a self-sustaining business for long-term growth.

    We offer high-accuracy Aerial/LiDAR topographic surveys by combining state-of-the-art technology with an aerial deployment platform using certified pilots. LiDAR (Laser Imaging, Detection, and Ranging) is extraordinarily accurate and efficient. Our instruments and software are regularly upgraded to ensure systems compatibility and safeguard the integrity and security of data. 3DLS is pleased to offer these precision quality remote sensing services to provide solutions tailored to our clients needs.

    Don't trust fences or estimates. Before you buy or build, hire a land surveyor to make sure your property is properly measured. When it comes to property lines, a fence doesn't always mark the spot. Every land transaction should include a professional survey -- it saves trouble today, tomorrow and down the road. Owners of existing homes too often rely on imprecise anecdotal evidence, such as what their real estate agent might have told them. When we show them the real property boundaries from the survey, they are often quite surprised.

    Commercial surveying is as important for dividing existing properties as it is for new projects. These projects typically require specific surveyor reports as documentation for banks, investors and others. If you're in the commercial property business, you know the importance of having a professional surveying crew available when construction is planned. Without having a thorough and proper survey performed, the project cannot proceed.

    Industrial surveying and scanning services are utilized to help with existing facilities that are typically congested with layers of complex equipment, piping, structural steel and conduit. In many cases, the design documentation and drawings are incomplete or out of date. This lack of accurate information can be challenging and costly from an engineering standpoint. Advancements in laser scanning and modeling technologies have had a significant and beneficial impact on our ability to support our industrial clients.

    In a growing community, such as ours, there's always the need to build, enhance or revise our roadways to better accommodate increased traffic patterns or provide better access. We serve the Department of Transportation and other responsible parties in conducting the unique type of survey work required for the transportation industry.


The 3D Project File

We are proud to showcase some of the projects we've been asked to work on in and around Greenville. You may recognize some of these notable locations and buildings.

  • Blockbuster Video - Greenville, SC
  • Brookwood Baptist Church
  • Eckerd Durg Store
  • Fairview Self-Storage Facility
  • Heritage Park - Simpsonville, SC
  • Hubbel Lighting
  • iCar CoLab Bldg 3
  • Stores at Mills Mill
  • The Reserves at Lake Keowee
  • St. Mary Magdelene
  • Wachovia Bank
  • Woodmont High School
  • Women's Health Center
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The staff of 3D Land Surveying looks forward to serving you soon. Our staff is educated in multiple techniques of surveying and engineering, allowing us to fulfill any need you may have for your projects.

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